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XIANGYU COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Established in 2005 years. Primary products have Circulator、Isolator、Duplexer、Combiner、Tower Amplifier、Directional Coupler、Power Splitter、Filter Etc. They are abroad applying radio transfer call 、GSM、GPS、CDMA、WCDMA、 3G Etc. which microwave mobile communication system, various RF system and radar system.

Our company have Two factory, One is produced Isolators & Circulator. Two is Produced Duplexer ,Filter, Combiner Etc.

We have a professional and experienced technical develop group. They are willing to design and manufacture various coaxial, Drop in,Surface Mount microwave passive device. We can according to design and manufacture of customer's special require .

Our Corporation designed and manufactured cover the frequency from 88Mhz to 20Ghz .The products are popular among the customers with small size, good technological index and high quality. All production must be 100% and strictly test to ensure their functionality, reliability , security and durability before shipment.